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Generosity is Worth The Risk

About a year ago, our staff at NCF Heartland went out into the community to practice random generosity. They were each given a $100 bill to give away at random. Here is one of their stories. What ways can you practice random » 

Can We Raise the 2 Percent?


There are some rosy numbers out there for the giving world.  In 2014, the last full year numbers are available, charitable giving to donor advised funds (like the National Christian Foundation) was $29 billion—which is nearly 6 percent of total giving. The Atlas for Giving predicted for 2015 » 

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Don’t Make This Giving Mistake


I’ll never forget the frantic phone call I received one year ago on December 31st. A donor had sold some assets during the year and had just figured out his tax consequences. He needed tax deductions, and he needed them now! The problem was that he’d started so late in the game that it was too » 

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