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Don’t you love this from the news…


I couldn’t help but notice… —Income just for breathing!?–an earlier news piece noted that Switzerland was contemplating  a monthly minimum wage just for being alive.  Some proponents of the bill noted that it takes a minimum of $2500 per month just to make ends meet.  Everyone » 

Searching for Sara


I met her at a restaurant.  From time to time, my travels take me to resort kinds of settings.  I like to ask my waiters their story, how they got to be there, and where they come from. Like so many, Sara came to be a server because she wanted a couple of years off before graduate » 

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The Huge Disconnect Between Succession and Legacy


When families think about the future of their company and their legacy there is often a fundamental disconnect. The Family Business Institute reports that 88% of families believe that their same family or families will control the family business 5 years into the future. Stated plainly, most »